Rawchayl Sahadeo joined BDEA as an Instructional Leader in the school year 2019-2020. Before coming to BDEA, her work at Fenway High School spanned over 18 years which made her an experienced educator in the roles as a Humanities teacher, district Humanities coach, and a school teacher leader with a multiple of duties. She proudly has taught since 2002 as a full-time educator in the Boston Public Schools, with the last five years gaining experience working exclusively with Special Education students in regular education and substantially separate classrooms. She holds two bachelor’s degrees in English and Journalism-Reporting and two M.Ed. degrees from Tufts University and Simmons College. Rawchayl was raised in New York City and in a small rural town outside of Tampa, Florida. She enjoys reading, traveling, watching tv, and spending time with her family.

Email Rawchayl: rsahadeo@bostonpublicschools.org