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Winter Celebrations Fund

Each year, Boston Day and Evening Academy (BDEA) carries out a number of events and supports that honor, care for and thank our students and families. These include a turkey and gift card giveaway in November, a community meal in December, holiday time gift giveaways and fully-stocked food bags for December, February and April vacations.

This is all made possible by generous donations from staff, the BDEA Board of Trustees, and the wider Friends of BDEA community. In November and December we hope you will consider supporting these efforts by making a donation to the Winter Celebrations Fund. This is a restricted giving fund so donations will go directly to these important items, activities and services. To Donate to the Winter Celebrations Fund please write “Winter Celebrations” in the comments during your payment process.

Annual Fund 

BDEA leverages our Boston Public Schools Weighted Student Funding Formula (WSF), as well as Entitlement Funds and foundation and corporate dollars to cover our expense budget and maintain strong financial stability. In our most recently completed fiscal year (2022), 84% of our revenue came from Boston Public Schools. Each year we look to the community to help fill the “gap” between our BPS funding and the additional expenses we take on to ensure a low student:teacher ratio and robust social emotional supports for our students. Your contribution to the Annual Fund allows us to support each BDEA student to achieve academically and realize a vision for their future. To Donate to the Annual Fund please write “Annual Fund” in the comments during your payment process. 

Thank you for caring and for committing to equity in education. YOU are our heroes!

With your support BDEA students can write a new story.

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