Habits of Success are the qualities that keep students engaged, focused, and involved in improving themselves and their community. These habits are built into the fabric of the school and are especially relevant to Career Readiness and Exploration courses–as part of both Post-graduate Planning and Capstone curriculum–where they are an integral part of the competency rubrics.


I set goals, and make a plan for achieving them. I have direction, and am optimistic.


When faced with an obstacle, I push thorugh by asking for help and refocusing.  I am able to acknowledge my successes.


I am not afraid to ask questions. I ask them with the goal of learning something new, and not necessarily to validate my own position.  I am open-minded and believe that learning is ongoing.

Social Intelligence

I am able to communicate effectively and comfortably with friends, family, peers, colleagues, acquaintances, and people I have just met.  I am professional and appropriate in my conversations and I understand the perspectives of others, even when they clash with my own beliefs and opinions.

Self Regulation

I am self-aware, and can advocate for positions in which I believe strongly. I regularly assess my own social and emotional health and recognize when I may need to ask for help. I am comfortable with myself, can trust my own council, and have integrity.

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