Post-graduate planning is a crucial component of a student’s life at BDEA.

The Post-Graduate Planning team does everything from starting the conversation about post-high school graduation options with every BDEA student, to providing additional, inspirational counseling through the final trimesters, to supporting students interested in careers as well as in attending college.

In between enrollment and the final, Capstone trimester, the PGP team offers career readiness classes that incorporate habits of success, partners with organizations that connect our students to jobs (The Boston Private Industry Council); helps them think about college choices (College Advising Corp); and continues to support BDEA alumni long after their high school graduation.

Other PGP supports include:

  • Personalized college and career counseling for students and families

  • Dual Enrollment – We are expanding our DE options, which already include Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, Bunker Hill Community College, Roxbury Community College, Suffolk University, Fisher College, Cambridge College, Wentworth Institute, and Urban College.

  • One-on-one college and career counseling

  • College and Career exploration classes

  • Financial aid and scholarship planning

  • Career workshops and speakers

  • Visits to colleges and career training programs

  • SAT and ACT test registration and preparation

  • Transition year and alumni guidance

  • Early College and Career pathways – We continue to develop college/career pathways that link our students to a partner organization with expertise in a particular career and with a strong record for job placement.

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