When other doors have closed, our students seek the key to unlock new opportunity. Here at BDEA, they find it.

Our Mission

Boston Day and Evening Academy engages young adults to build a vision for their future through supportive relationships and meaningful competency-based learning experiences.

Our Vision

Young adults own their learning to ignite personal and community transformation.

School Culture and Climate

BDEA students are like any other high school student in Boston– except that they haven’t been given the chance, or the tools they need to be academically successful.  As a result, all of our students–all of them– have attended previous schools where they have struggled academically, have been held back one or more times, or have felt lost, unsafe, or unengaged.

Once here, we find that students flourish, in large part because they are listened to, respected for who they are and for the gifts they possess, and because our method of teaching and assessment actually makes sense.  As one student said, I work at my own pace. Teachers make sure I ‘understand’ rather than ‘know’. And another: I get a lot of support from people that believe in me even when I doubt myself. And another: I get taught as an individual so I can get help with what I need.

Why BDEA? Students explain … In Their Own Words


“I was lost and confused and sometimes left behind.”

“There were kids in the hallways every day including myself.”

“I was just another student…I didn’t get the attention I needed.”

“I never went to class.”

“I was just a number.”

“Nobody cared if I graduated or not. They didn’t believe in me.”

“I couldn’t be me.”

“My attendance was horrible.”

“I didn’t see any hope of graduating.”

“I felt like I was on my own.”

“I felt lost and there wasn’t enough help.

“No one was able to help me with my problems at school, such as being bullied…

“I got away with anything and no one seemed to care, even me.”


“I felt like it was a new beginning for me” “Everyone gets a second chance.”

“I can be me.”

“I have people who check up on me to make sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I wake up and feel like I need to go to school which is a good feeling.”

“I actually love coming to school.”

“I get taught as an individual so I can get help with what I need.”

“The relationships between students and teachers are phenomenal. I feel more at ease.” “The teachers push you to your full potential and more. The theme should be love and education.”

“I get support and love. I get encouragement to do better. I found a better me.”

“I feel like I’m succeeding in school and life.” “The staff really care about the success of each and every student.”


“I would not be in school.”

“I wouldn’t be happy with who I am and what I can do to make a change.”

“I would have probably dropped out and never would have thought of going to college.”

“I wouldn’t be in school. I would still be a drop out.”

“I wouldn’t be going to college.”

“I would not be graduating. I wouldn’t learn not just education lessons but life lessons.”

“I would still be lost.”

“I would have dropped out and I would be working at Burger King or picking trash from a dump truck. I would have been a mad person every day.”

“My grandmother wouldn’t have a reason to be proud of me.”

“I wouldn’t be in school right now.”

“I would still be skipping school. I wouldn’t be given a second chance.”

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