Although each student’s ROADMAP to graduation is personalized, graduation requirements apply to everyone.  When you graduate from BDEA, you will receive a Boston Public Schools diploma, not a HiSET (GED). In order to meet Massachusetts graduation standards, all students must:

  • achieve competence in all courses
  • complete Capstone with a rating of “competent” or “highly competent”
  • pass standardized tests (currently MCAS) in ELA, math and science
  • complete post-graduate planning requirements and courses

The rate at which you progress through BDEA is entirely up to you! If you remain on track with attendance so that you are progressing in all content areas, you will stay on your roadmap to graduation.  Because we are a competency-based school, you can graduate at one of four ceremonies each year. That means, for example, if you complete all of your graduation requirements in November, you can graduate in December. If you complete your requirements at the end of Summer Academy, you can graduate in September.  Other graduation ceremonies take place in April and in June.

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