Chris has worked as a Math Teacher at the Boston Day and Evening Academy Since 2004. Before working at Boston Day and Evening Academy He worked at the King Middle School and the Thompson Middle School. He holds a bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Johnson and Wales University and a Master’s Degree in Education with a concentration in Mathematics from Umass Boston. Chris is currently a co-coordinator of Boston Day and Evening Academy’s TA program. Prior to his career in education, Chris was an operations manager with Staples throughout central mass and worked in Banking at Bank Boston/Fleetbank in East Providence RI where he worked with Meals and Wheels and worked with Bank Boston and Providence Public School partnership program to read and tutor elementary school students throughout the City of Providence. Chris also is a Certified Lead Teacher mentor. Chris participated in the BPS Males Educators of Color Leadership program from 2021-2022. Chris also taught in Worcester State University’s Upward Bound program where he taught 9th-grade students about Financial Literary. Chris is also currently an advisory board member for Umass Boston’s Project TLC(Teachers Learning with Counselors) and also helping to mentor the first cohort of Project TLC. Chris is a Father of three, has been happily married for 20 years to his sweetheart of 23 years, loves coaching basketball, is a sports enthusiast, and loves spending time with family and friends.

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