BDEA 2.0 was launched in School Year 2018-2019 with the generous support of the Barr Foundation. Beginning with 34 students in its pilot year, BDEA 2.0 has grown to 50 students in School Year 19-20. The program, co-designed by BDEA staff and students, was created primarily to serve Black and Latino young men from BDEA who struggled at our BDEA flagship, and who craved a more hands-on, project-based, and career-focused learning experience.  

We are a student led community. We collaborate to create meaningful learning experiences where we grow academically, develop agency, learn about ourselves, and obtain the skills to achieve our visions for the future.

We use a variety of diverse pedagogical strategies, including competency based and project based learning, to provide  our students with relevant and engaging experiences to accomplish our mission. Every project is comprised of at least one of our emancipatory and one of our core academic competencies to support our Black and Brown young men in gaining academic skills and learning to examine, critique, and act upon systems of oppression.

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The BDEA 2.0 Difference

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