Stephanie Placeres-Kehoe, Head Chef

/Stephanie Placeres-Kehoe, Head Chef

Stephanie Placeres-Kehoe, Head Chef

Stephanie Placeres-Nunez Joined BDEA in March 2018 as a Cafeteria Attendant. Since joining BDEA she has also worked as a Substitute Teacher and taught two enrichment classes: Balling on a Budget and Real Estate/Home Buying (while still cheffin’ up the best food BDEA has ever had). She has now stepped into the proud role of Head Chef/Cafeteria Manager. Stephanie has worked with youth for more than two decades as a youth care advocate and active foster parent. She also worked for more than 16 years in Account Management within the security field. Stephanie is dedicated to making an impact on anyone she comes in contact with. Her favorite things to say are “Living the Dream” and “Change Someone’s Day With Your Smile!” 

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