Norma Suárez Quiles has been involved in her children’s education for thirty-two years since her oldest started at a Boston Public School. Her youngest is a BDEA student and she has been involved in Parent Council, parent groups, family meetings, fundraising, and other special events within the school. Norma’s involvement in her children’s education has given her personal resources that serve a purpose within the school, becoming aligned with the same goal: to form and transform the lives of the students.

Norma’s experience as an early child educator and administrator has given her the sensibility to place the needs, worries, questions, and difficulties of the parents and students as a priority in her work field, to guide them in the best direction possible where they can blossom with their own knowledge, talents and skills. Her desire to become a part of the Board of Trustees comes from her gratitude towards BDEA and the dedication from the school staff involved in her son’s education and his well-being.