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David Jones, Humanities Teacher, 2.0

David Jones is a humanities teacher that has been with BDEA since 2015. His primary focus has been History, but he has also taught Research, Capstone, and Hip Hop Nation. David graduated from University of Kansas with his B.A. in Political Science in 2009. After finishing his bachelors, David worked at the state house in Kansas in the governor’s office under Lt. Governor Mark Parkinson, and in the House of Representatives with Dennis Moore (KS-3). David then moved to Boston to work with an education non-profit. His work at City Year influenced his desire to be in the classroom. David earned his M.A. in Education with the Boston Teachers Residency in 2012, and has taught in BPS since then.  In 2017/18 school year he was elected as building representative for Boston Teacher Union.  As a Teach Plus Alumni, his interest in education outside of the classroom focuses on education policy. Outside of the realm of education he enjoys creating visual arts, music, writing, traveling, and outdoor activities.

Email David: djones7@bostonpublicschools.org

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