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Bernadette Kuan, Humanities Teacher

Bernadette joined BDEA as a Humanities teacher in the Evening program in the fall of 2011. She completed the Boston Teacher Residency Program where her studies included Adolescent Development, Literacy, Language, Power and Democracy, Learning in a Cultural Context, Foundations of Teaching, Introduction to Special Education, and Behavioral Management. During the program, she taught at the Washington Irving Middle School in a sixth grade English Language Arts classroom. Her previous work includes Sylvan Learning, where she served as a teacher and site coordinator, Breakthrough Collaborative in San Francisco, CA, where she taught English and Sociology of Gender to enrich and support the education of fifth and sixth graders, and the Suicide Prevention & Crisis Services, where she served as a trained crisis counselor. Bernadette holds a preliminary license in Special Education, and an initial license in English Language Arts. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of California, Davis, and a M.Ed. from the University of Massachusetts, Boston.

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